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Authentic, Free-to-play Sports Games Counterparts

Rate this Article Here at, we have scoured tons of interesting games that throw us live onto the simulation of the sport, complete with their legit mechanics, and their own levels of entry with respect to realism. Today, we bring you a great list of games that would take you to the core basics of different sports! Sports Games Live - Authentic, Free-to-play Sports Games Counterparts

First we have a game for all patrons of Tennis. Outright access over the social network, the game Tennis Pro 3D immediately took our interest. Here, you get to enjoy an amusing tennis game with multiple game modes to play and hone your skills with. As you progress through the levels of the game, you’d also be endowed with stats to upgrade to get you sharper for further matches. In the game, you may also get to take part in exhibition games or battle it out on a grand scale tournament to get you polished on tennis.

The game will guide you accordingly with the pertaining mouse controls in the game, the variety of shots to make, and introduced with the standard rules of the game. The game handles simple controls as it lets you aim and return the approaching ball with simple use of the mouse. Simply going through the direction of the ball will automatically let you aim for it. Your angle of approach will then appropriately guide the direction of your shot. Mix and matching how you return the ball will elevate your playing style that could make you win the game. Overall, Tennis Pro 3D is simply Fascinating, entertaining, and wonderfully composed. A great treat for the sports enthusiasts, lovers of tennis, or simply those into entertaining and challenging sports games.

Second we have something for the angling veterans at heart – the game, World of Fishing. Seemingly at the top of all fishing games, this simulation game features everything you want in a fishing game. Gear Customization, Fish tank, Expansive locations, techniques and skills, tourneys – you name it, and the game has it. A great rendition of the faved sports game, paved into an MMO platform, that seemingly all fans of the genre can go loco about.

World of Fishing simulates all the fun aspects of angling sports. From pertaining fishing methods, the variety of rods, gears, lures, lakes locations, and even the element of competition of the real life sport (as the game has its massive community of competitive players) heavily influence the overall presentation of the game. Best of all, you get to play this game free of charge. The game has intuitive game controls, simple and easy to learn mechanics, top notch visuals, massive content and pitches in a great community to play with. Definitely worth a try!

Next on our list pertains to simulate almost perfectly the billiards sport -- Pool Nation FX. A top tier simulation of the sport, where you may engage on single or tourney matches against a computer AI, or against live players across the globe. In the game, you are instantly thrown in for the match-ups from your moment of entry. Games found herein are the 8 ball challenge (straight), and the 9 ball challenge – each of which gets a quick know-how over the mechanics of the game to get anyone properly guided on their pertaining rules and objectives.

Among all the sports titles we have reviewed on the site, Pool Nation FX probably gets the highest praises when it comes to presentation, as the environment you get fed with screams with realism. From the realistic graphics of the balls, the physics involved, the variety of tourney locations, even to the tiniest detail of people moving on the background makes you feel very much immersed into the game. Overall, the visual and sounds totally add up to provide you with a wonderful life-like pool experience.

That sums up today’s list of authentic counterparts of free-to-play sports games we have reviewed here on our site, on our follow-up article, we’ll continue for more titles to get you learning the core basics of the legit games, and immerse yourselves onto their amusing rendition of the sport.

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