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Best Racing Games

Rate this Article Racing games is an extremely enjoyable genre of games that usually puts you in the control of an incredibly fast vehicle and in this article we’ll be covering some of the best ones out there. Sports Games Live - Best Racing Games

There are many different things that make a racing game so great, the first thing is of course that the game must be fast-paced and thrilling. Players aren’t going to dedicate their time to racing games where the vehicles don’t even go fast so most of these games generally consist of vehicles that are capable of reaching extremely high speeds in a relatively short amount of time.

Other than the fast pace, a good racing game is able to give its players a great sense of competition as they try their best to reach the finish line before any of their opponents can. Driving fast isn’t the only thing you’ll be doing either as there are various different ways to disrupt your opponents during the gameplay such as rear-ending them or shoving them into a wall of some sort.

The following racing games are those which fit the above criteria and provided some great fun:

Need for Speed World
Based on the critically acclaimed franchise, Need for Speed World is an amazing MMO racing game where you can race against the toughest of opponents, buy a ton of different cars, customize your cars to extensive degrees and enjoy multiple different racing tracks that look absolutely stunning.

CSR Racing
CSR Racing puts you in control of some of the fastest and most exotic cars out there such as the Corvette or an Audi. The game allows you to race against players from around the world in high speed races and also has a great quest-line where you rise up the ranks to beat some of the city’s best racers to mark your name on the top.

Streetrace Rivals
A more casual racing game, Streetrace Rivals is a great game with a ton of available customization and upgrade options for your car. There is a great variety of tracks as well in this game with each track having a unique look and design of its own.

Motorcycle Madness
Although most racing games are focused on high speed cars, Motorcycle Madness emphasizes on fast motorcycles and is just as fun as any other racing game. In this game you start off with a basic bike of your own which you can then upgrade and customize as you progress through the game. The game also allows you to directly challenge any of your friends to a race.

Racing Rivals
Racing Rivals is a game that’s played a bit differently than normal racing games. The gameplay is based off reaction times so players have to be really focused on the game if they wish to defeat their opponents. You’ll also have some really in-depth customization and upgrade options for your vehicles as you progress through the game.

All the racing games mentioned above provided high speed, intense gameplay which is why we enjoyed them so much. We recommend that you give them a try and hopefully they’ll be just as much fun to you as they were to us.

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