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How to Race: A Quick Guide for a Beginner

Rate this Article Want to race but it's your first time? Read on for some valuable tips. Sports Games Live - How to Race: A Quick Guide for a Beginner

Racing is a great activity to undertake, but only if you have the skills and the courage to do it. There’s no question about it being a very risky activity; handling for cars running at speeds exceeding 60 mph requires the skills of a professional. However, that doesn’t mean ordinary people who are normally afraid of exceeding even 40 mph on the open roads cannot race.

That’s what racing games are for. At the start, you might want to experiment – you choose the first car whose looks capture your fancy, and then take it out to the racetrack for a spin along with the other cars in the pattern. However, if you’re going to approach your playing scientifically, you’d need to bear in mind some ideas and tips that will be useful for a beginner.

First, when selecting your car, you need to look at its attributes. You have statistics like weight, handling and acceleration. This varies from game to game, but more or less you can find two or three of these specifications when you’re checking out which car you want to drive. Acceleration sometimes becomes a top priority for some players. After all, a car with good acceleration can easily recover from the drag generated when turning corners. However, handling is also important as it indicates how easily you can be able to control the car. Good acceleration with bad handling can result to a car that will spin easily when turning corners at high speed.

Alright, when you’re already at the race track, you might be tempted to just keep on flooring the accelerator while your car is running. Keep doing that and you’ll find yourself slammed to the barriers when you turn corners. Speed is indeed an asset, but it’s an asset that you will want to control. The basics of driving apply here. When turning corners, decelerate at a certain distance (usually when you see the corner coming) and apply slight brakes when negotiating a turn. This ensures stability. Once you’ve properly negotiated a turn, you can start flooring the accelerator to catch up to the other cars.

Corners are also great opportunities for you to try and catch up with the competition. If your car has good acceleration, position your car in a manner that you can overshoot the other car when accelerating after the turn.

Once you’ve gained the lead over other cars, the concern then is to keep it. Keep an eye on your rearview mirror as a fast car may be trying to get on your blind side and overtake. Fortunately for you, the slipstream caused by high-speed driving will act as a foil that will keep your competition from making full use of his or her acceleration. You might not want to gain some lead on him or her at this point though because the slipstream will slacken and allow him or her to accelerate fully.

Racing is fun, and thrilling. Virtual racing games make it even more exciting by removing the concerns about safety – the only thing in danger when playing digital racing games is the drink that you might be keeping too close while playing.

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