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KartRider Drift vs KartRider Rush+: A Comparison

Rate this Article KartRider Drift and KartRider Rush+ are two exceptional kart racing style games that have caught the hearts of millions around the world since their release and, in this article, we’ll be talking about the two in more detail and comparing their various aspects. Sports Games Live - KartRider Drift vs KartRider Rush+: A Comparison

Out of both these games, KartRider Drift is the more recently released PC and console version that’s available on Xbox One while KartRider Rush+ is the mobile-based variant of the game. Although the fundamentals behind both versions of the game are quite similar which, of course, revolve around high-end and fast-paced kart racing gameplay, there are still various differences between the two variants that make each game an entirely unique experience.

At the core of both games is a fast-paced racing system in which you’ll have to effectively and expertly navigate your kart through the tracks. While both games offer a high-octane racing experience, KartRider Drift definitely seems to have racing mechanics that seem a bit weightier than those of KartRider Rush+. This definitely isn’t a bad thing, though, as it makes the driving experience feel a lot livelier and more reminiscent of that of a simulation game. KartRider Rush+, on the other hand, seems to have racing mechanics that more closely resemble those of an arcade racer. Both styles have their merits and there isn’t one that is necessarily better than the other.

Both KartRider games have a different approach when it comes to game modes as well. In KartRider Drift, you’ll have two primary modes to choose from with one focusing on straightforward and fast-paced racing and the other mode consisting of the various power-ups that players can utilize to wreak havoc on their foes. If you want to have the most engaging racing experience possible then the standard speed racing mode will certainly appeal to you.

However, if you want a more dynamic and feature-rich experience then the power-up based mode is sure to impress. KartRider Rush+ on the other hand comes with a much wider variety of modes such as speed racing, arcade, story, time trial, and even a ranked mode for those who want a highly competitive experience. Both games definitely don’t cease to impress when it comes to game mode options, though.

Content variety is an aspect in which both these games are an absolute delight as well. Both KartRider Rush+ and KartRider Drift come loaded with multitudes of different karts, characters, and an array of customization options as well. Alongside this, you can also expect to race across an absolutely enormous variety of race tracks with stunning designs that’ll have you thoroughly immersed throughout the entirety of all your races.

In terms of visuals, it goes without saying that KartRider Drift is likely going to have the upper hand here as it’s a PC and console-based game whereas KartRider Rush+ is mobile-based. However, this definitely isn’t to say that KartRider Rush+ looks bad by any means as its visuals are actually quite detailed and no doubt among the best out there as far as mobile-based racing games are concerned. Of course, KartRider Drift still outdoes Rush+ in terms of visuals in a head to head comparison but this is primarily because it has much faster hardware to rely on in the first place.

Overall, though, both KartRider Drift and KartRider Rush+ are absolutely fantastic racing games and the fact that they’re available across several different platforms means that you’ll be able to enjoy one of them at the very least no matter what you like to game on.

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