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Take a Break from Sports Games with These Competitive Puzzle Games

Rate this Article Looking for some entertaining puzzle games to deviate your attention away from the sports games? We have a few to help you relax and enjoy a fun-filled experience. Sports Games Live - Take a Break from Sports Games with These Competitive Puzzle Games

One of the biggest game genres is the sports game genre, as millions of people from around the world collectively play all sorts of sports games. From football and tennis to UFC and cricket, there’s a top-tier sports game for every sport. To help you relax and ensure you have something else to enjoy, we’ve shortlisted four of the best competitive puzzle games that are nothing but fun.

In this article, we’ll review these games, and anyone on the hunt for exciting puzzle games should check these out.

2048 Fluffles

2048 Fluffles

2048 Fluffles is an incredible puzzle game that features the tried and true fundamentals of this genre and manages to impress in a variety of ways. The gameplay is engaging because it perfectly executes the core elements of this genre, and the fluffles themes make it visually appealing as well, so, all in all, this game comes highly recommended by us. It's also important to note there are other fun 2048 games comparable to Fluffles, so be sure to try them out!

XoXo Blast

XoXo Blast is a stellar and highly gripping casual puzzle game that brings endless xoxo fun on the mobile platform. This is a neat game based on the fundamentals laid out by casual puzzle XOXO games over the years. Alongside the amazing gameplay, there's a lot that makes this game a masterpiece, as the content variety is great. The game features a neat PvP mode where you can challenge your friends and family to matches to see who has the wits to outdo the other person. You can even enjoy high-intensity matches with AI if you've got no one online, so, overall, the game is entertaining.

Mahjong Quest: Candyland Adventures

Mahjong games with unique themes are just the absolute best. Mahjong Quest: Candyland Adventures is a fabulous and genuinely addictive mahjong game in which you'll be joining Emily and her adorable friends as they set out on an adventurous trip to the candy land. As you'd expect, the game revolves around matching tiles to clear up the levels to keep progressing, but the level design in Mahjong Quest is undoubtedly among the most creative out there. The visuals are also excellent, and we recommend this game to everyone.

Hangman: Word Challenge

Hangman games are genuinely gripping, and this one is no different. Hangman: Word Challenge is a superb word puzzle game that's been around for decades, and in this version of the game, you'll get to enjoy the same old gameplay but with a few new features and a refined interface. Players must deduce the word by guessing individual letters within a limited number of attempts. With each incorrect guess, a portion of the Hangman's gallows is drawn, inching the player closer to defeat. The gameplay is super fun, and it should be worth anyone’s while.

All in all, sports games sure are fun to play, but everyone needs a little casual or puzzle experience now and then, and for that, the games mentioned above are your best bet. Take a break from what UFC, FIFA, and NBA 2K games offer, and try these experiences out instead.

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