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The Players of United 11

Rate this Article United 11 is a stunning football manager game, and one of the best features is the community of players that you can share this amazing football game with. Sports Games Live - The Players of United 11

United 11 is a really solid browser based football manager game that's backed up by a really massive community. In this article we're going to discuss a little bit about the players of this game, how they function and how they're managed in-game.

Before discussing the players themselves, first it'd be better off to talk a little bit about United 11 as a whole. It's definitely one of the better manager games out there because there's a ton of stuff to do. As you progress through the game you'll watch your players grow, synergize with each other and eventually begin to perform better and better on the field.

You can put them through training sessions, try out new strategies and once you think your squad is good enough you can enter them into the big leagues to compete against some of the very best from around the world so overall, this is definitely one of the top tier manager games that have ever surfaced and will probably continue to remain so in the near future.

Onto the players, this is basically the aspect where United 11 separates itself from most run-of-the-mill manager games. In your usual soccer manager, whenever you get into a game you're assigned a team full of completely random names that depend upon what area you selected your team is from. This, while a good feature, doesn't really make the game all that immersive. In this game however, instead of having a team of random names, you actually get to draft real football players from around the world such as Eden Hazard, Diego Costa and such.

One really amazing thing is how reminiscent the players' in-game performance is of their real world performance. You'll notice after watching a few of your team's matches that football stars who have a tendency to play aggressive in real world games will also perform similarly in the game itself whereas those who tend to play a more passive control oriented game will do that. It's quite incredible and shows how much time and effort went into designing the game as a whole since there are tons of players out there and each one has a different play-style.

Perhaps one of the most commendable things about United 11 is the fact that players are given various different means to acquire players for their teams. In a usual manager game you generally have to purchase them or get lucky in the transfer market but United 11 offers various kinds of player sets that go on sale multiple times across each month. Each player set comes has a group of players, each with a varying play-style, so you're sure to get a few that'll synergize nicely with your team's overall strategy. This is a great method of letting players get their hands on new players and should definitely exist in more games across the genre.

All things considered, United 11 is in general one of the best manager games out there so we definitely recommend that you try it out to see how much enjoyment it's capable of offering.

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