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Top 3 Racing Games on Facebook

Rate this Article Do you love racing games? Check out these three great titles on Facebook! Sports Games Live - Top 3 Racing Games on Facebook

Racing games are basically some of the best games to pass the time with. There are three reasons for these.

First, they are exhilarating and get the adrenaline pumping, even though you’re just sitting there in front of your computer. Second, they’re free to play and do not require any special software outside of a plug-in, in the case of Unity 3D games. Last but definitely not the least, these games feature excellent and realistic graphics that should definitely capture the fancy of those that are into imagery and stuff.

So, here are three games that you can play on Facebook to get that adrenaline fix that you get from playing racing games.

Are you into jet skis? These amazing “motorcycles on water” are great for stunts and the like, just in case you don’t know it. With Jet Ski Racer on Facebook, you can put yourself (virtually, of course) at the helm of one. In this game, you put yourself in Races against both AI and real players through abandoned cities and landscapes that should take your breath away with their quality and beauty.

The controls are very responsive, and the quality of the game’s graphics should complete your journey into an immersive jet ski racing experience. Of course, all of these are yours to experience for free just by logging in to your Facebook account.

Virtual world management and racing come together in the second game on this list, which is Tuner Life Racing. If you like to tweak around with race cars to bring out their full potential, then this game is definitely for you!

In this magnificently developed racing game on Facebook, you as the player can purchase cars and premium parts that should boost the performance of any vehicle you can acquire. Of course, in order to gain resources, you will have to routinely enter into competitions with other online gamers. This is a great way to test the capabilities of the racer that you’re assembling, and to win resources.

When piloting your racers, you are given access to an array of features. Each car performs differently in terms of acceleration, braking and turning. Develop your own strategy as you get to know your own vehicle better. When things get tough, burn more rubber and get more speed by using NOS boosters!

Finally, there is Track Racing Online. What makes this game special is that it features not one mode of gameplay, but a lot of different ones. Team deathmatch will put you and your friends on a totally unique experience of track racing on Facebook, while Capture the Flag mode will bring out your skills at weaving through the competition to get to the opponent’s camp and steal their flags.

Invite more friends to play Track Racing Online, and you can unlock a new car for your collection. With great mechanics and excellent graphics, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to convince your buddies to join you in experiencing this game.

These are just three racing games you can play on Facebook. Do a careful search, and you can find more.

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