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Top 5 Free Cricket Games you can play on your browser

Rate this Article If you’re a diehard cricket fan who’s always looking for a fun cricket game to play then this article will introduce you to the top 5 free cricket games that you can play on your browser. Sports Games Live - Top 5 Free Cricket Games you can play on your browser

Adored and played by millions of people from all over the world, Cricket is a sport that brings people together from all parts of the world. Cricket’s increasing popularity saw a huge rise of cricket games in the gaming industry and since there’s a massive library of cricket games to choose from, we are here to help you get familiar with the top 5 free cricket games that you can play on your browser without paying a single penny so scroll through the article and find out about these fun, addictive games.

Following are the top 5 free cricket games you can play on your browser:

Cricket Hero

Offering fast-paced gameplay where you’ll be taking on the task of scoring maximum sixes in your own capable hands, Cricket Hero is a highly entertaining game. What makes the game thoroughly enjoyable is that it uses the same gameplay mechanics as the renowned cricket game Stick Cricket, with which you’ll be familiar if you’re a cricket fan. You’ll stand on the pitch with just one thing going through your mind, hitting as many boundaries as you can while avoiding dodgy balls in the form of eggs and bombs.

Pro Cricket Champion

If you have what it takes to become the ultimate cricket champion then get your hands on this fascinating cricket game. Pro Cricket Champion is another top-tier free-to-play cricket game in which your batting skills will be put to the test as your only task will be to score maximums. You’ll be facing tricky deliveries while you’re on strike so your job will be to time your shots perfectly in order to rack up a massive amount of points as that’s what will win you matches.

Street Cricket

Playgrounds and stadiums are cool but have you ever relished the thrill of playing street cricket? Well, with free access to Street Cricket through your browser, you can enjoy street cricket anytime, anywhere. The gameplay mechanics are extremely simple to master as you’ll be assigned a computer-generated target that you’ll have to surpass in a limited number of balls. To hit the shot, you’ll have to stop the shot indicator at the right spot and then time your shot accordingly to avoid getting outscored by the opponent. The visuals of the game are also quite detailed so you’ll love the game as it is.

CPL Cricket Tournament

With stunning visuals and realistic gameplay experience, CPL Cricket Tournament is certainly one of the best out of the lot. The game features teams from the Indian Premier League so you’ll have the option to choose your favorite team before stepping out on the pitch. Once you step out, you’ll be assigned a target by your opponent and your task will be to surpass the prescribed target within the balls and wickets that you’ll have. The goal remains the same, time your shots perfectly to outscore your opponent so if you’re a batsman who knows his thing, you’ll love this game.

Cricket World Cup

Last but not the least, this amazing cricket game is one that’s certain to provide you with hours upon hours of fun if you’re a fan of cricket. There’s no bigger stage than the world cup and Cricket World Cup takes you on a thrilling journey where you’ll have to help your team become the kings of the world. The core gameplay mechanics are pretty straight forward as you’ll be assigned the task of outscoring your opponent by hitting maximum runs and boundaries what makes this game a lot more enjoyable is that you’ll have to win 4 out of your 8 games to qualify for the cup so make sure you’re cricketing skills are on point when you step out to bat.

All in all, cricket games are nothing but a fun activity regardless of your love for the real-life sport so if you’re on the hunt for free to play cricket games then these are the top 5 free cricket games you can play on your browser. If these aren’t enough, you can find more on

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