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Top Eleven Versus United Eleven

Rate this Article Two of the most popular football managers right now are Top Eleven and United Eleven, but each one of them offers quite a different experience, so it can be hard to figure out what to choose! So in this article we decided to try and help you pick. Sports Games Live - Top Eleven Versus United Eleven

Many of us love football, and being able to create our own team and manage it has been one of our major dreams. Thanks to football management games our dream can become a reality, however with so many games in this genre out there, it can be very hard to figure out which one of these two games is the best for us! Today we are comparing Top Eleven and United Eleven

Upon starting these two games, I wanted a football manager in which to spend a lot of time creating my own team and developing tactics for it. In this regard, both of these games did a great job, because they offer access to a wide range of teams, especially United Eleven, which brings multiple football clubs from all over the world. Top Eleven on the other hand goes for a simpler approach, since you can create your own team which might include real player names or random ones, depending on your choice. So, no matter what game you choose, you have a large roster to play with, and replayability is not a problem here!

Both Top Eleven and United Eleven come with a training section, although the presentation and the way it works differs drastically. In Top Eleven, I liked the fact that you can leave you players to rest, perform stretches, cardio or you can even engage them in a practice match. In the training session I saw that you can also watch the skill progress or take care of those players that were injured in the previous match. United Eleven on the other hand allows you to train players individually, and that provides a whole lot of depth, that might be needed in such a situation. Training is very important in both games, so I spent a lot of time here while preparing your players for the next matches.

Squad management<
In this particular category, Top Eleven does a better job because it allows you to see the player names, their information and other stuff in a list, but you can also drag and drop them on the field at any time. United Eleven’s approach with cards didn’t exactly suit my needs and expectations, even though both games tend to offer a large amount of depth when it comes to reordering your players on the field. I also liked that both games allow you to select different formations for each match, this is definitely a plus!

Matches and performance
Top Eleven has a text based display while United Eleven is offering a graphical approach during matches. However, getting in United Eleven was quite a challenge, since the game crashes and sometimes it will even fail to launch even when you go from menu to menu. Top Eleven on the other hand worked without problems!

In Top Eleven, just like in United Eleven, you can make changes during matches just to try and improve the current tactics. I personally found both games to bring a ton of neat content, and an interesting approach to the whole way you watch matches!

Interface and transfers
Transferring a player can be a major hassle in Top Eleven based on my experience, whereas United Eleven has an interface that makes going through it very hard. One can purchase players or transfer the ones that he already has with the help of in-game currency, which is a great way to make people play more and more. Top Eleven’s interface is very good in my opinion, even though they could make some changes there as well.

Pros and cons for each game
Top Eleven brings a very good interface and it works seamlessly, with no performance problems. Alongside that, it offers you the ability to create your own team and engage a multitude of people from all over the world in matches. You can even play matches at any given time without hassle. On the other hand though, the heavy use of in-app purchases for necessary items such as health kits diminishes the appeal of the games sometimes.

United Eleven provides much better graphics when compared to Top Eleven, and it has great content since it allows you to choose and customize clubs from all over the world. However, the lackluster interface, performance issues and the heavy use of in-app purchases did make my game experience worse than expected.

In the end, I had a great time with both games, and you can try to play one and then the other as you try to wait for the training times to pass. United Eleven comes with the better graphics, while Top Eleven was, in my opinion at least, the better choice since it just provides a much more interesting gameplay. You can play both these games for free, so try them out right now!

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