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What Makes Sports Manager Games so Addictive

Rate this Article The genre of sports manager games is one of the most addictive and enjoyable ones out there. In this article we’ll be analyzing in-depth what makes these games so fun and why you should consider trying them out. Sports Games Live - What Makes Sports Manager Games so Addictive

First and foremost, the main thing that makes manager games so insanely addictive is the fact that they give players an incredibly high level of control. Players are allowed to do pretty much everything they feel is right and there will be no one to question their decision or force them to do something else. This aspect is exactly why these games are played so much. Players love to be in control and manager games give them just that.

Playing with friends is something that makes a game tenfold more enjoyable and manager games feature this aspect which is another reason they’re so enjoyable. Manager games allow players to use the roster of players that they have and make it play against the roster of another player to see who has the better managing skills. Of course there’s not a lot of direct gameplay involved when you do this since the players will be playing on their own but it will show which one of you has the better roster and has made the better decisions when building it.

Other than this, there’s also the fact that there are multiple different kinds of manager games so players can pick out one that fits their likings the most. While soccer manager games might be the most common, pretty much every single sport has a bunch of manager games designed for it so you can pick out the one that’s according to your preferences which is a choice that’s simply not available in pretty much every other genre out there.

Perhaps the biggest reason these games are so addictive is the fact that they allow people to play star players in their roster. If you’re into sports then you’re probably a fan of some big time players like Lionel Messi or C. Ronaldo because you love how good they are at the sport. Manager games allow you to use all star players like these in your very own team which is a bit of a fantasy for pretty much every sports fan that this genre allows them to live out. No other video game genre can deliver an experience like this one.

Last but certainly not least these games just have an insane amount of replay value. In the world of sports, something new keeps happening every single day and whenever something new happens in sports then something new happens in the game as well so you can pretty much keep playing these games for hours upon hours every single day and they still won’t feel repetitive because there’s basically a new occurrence every other day.

All said and done, there are a lot of reasons behind the addictive nature of manager games so the ones we’ve mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. Speaking of manager games, we recommend trying them out because they’re just so much fun.

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