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What Makes Top Eleven So Much Fun

Rate this Article Find out why Nordeus' Top Eleven football management game draws in a lot of players' attention! Sports Games Live - What Makes Top Eleven So Much Fun

Being a football team manager is an experience that is not always meant for everyone in real life. However, anyone can be a football team manager thanks to this exciting game. The game being talked about here is Nordeus’ Top Eleven, a top notch football team management simulator that should be on the list of every gamer that’s also a rabid football fan.

What makes Top Eleven so fun? Well, one thing that makes the game stand out is its emphasis on management, and not just controlling a football like other popular football-related games do. In here, you have access to all of the information that you need in order to effectively carry a team throughout a season. That’s where the challenge comes in.

As a team manager, it’s your job to see how the team is doing. Matches are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to managing a football team. You have to be very active behind the scenes. This means that you have to invest time to train your players. Training will improve each and every player’s attributes, and these attributes will be, at least partly, instrumental to the outcome of every match that you put your team into.

Special skills can also be obtained by purchasing them from the shop, using in-game currency. These special skills will further make your team into a formidable one that will breeze through the playoffs without any difficulty.

To further challenge your management skills, the game also puts you in charge of managing the game’s finances. You have a fund to start with, and you work with that fund to grow it so that your team has enough money or even more for its needs. As a manager, you have the capability to set ticket prices for your matches so that you can earn money for the team. You can also enter into contracts, for sponsorship, for instance. You can even provide for cash loans, and earn on interest!

Matches are, of course, the highlight of every football game including Top Eleven. You have full control of your team in a match. You act as the coach here – you can devise strategy both inside and outside the game. Each Match typically takes around five minutes. Within these five minutes, you can monitor the progress of your team live. You can also change tactics and strategy mid-game if you think that your team is not doing well.

That’s the most exciting part of being a team manager! This will put your understanding of football tactics to the test, and allows you to learn a few new things as well.

In a nutshell, what makes Top Eleven truly a fun experience is the extent to which it challenges one’s skills both in management and in coaching a team through matches. There are a lot of challenges here to be accomplished! There is plenty of information to digest and to understand as you try to grasp the big picture concerning your team while you build it to its full potential. For challenge-hungry players, this aspect of the game is sure to make the game attractive and worth playing.

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