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Women in Sports Games

Rate this Article In this article we will be discussing women in sports games, specifically why are there so little women in sport games? Sports Games Live - Women in Sports Games

In this article we will be looking at the potential imbalance of women not being represented in sports games and why that may be.

When you look at sports games you can see that there are a huge range of options around for you just as in real life. But what also works in the real world is translated into the games, and many of those on the market are aimed at boys and men. Not all of them but if you look at what is available, the majority are games that appeal to a more masculine market.

This is not a criticism of this, nor the industry in general merely an observation. But there are some that find this mismatch upsetting, and in many ways you can understand why. In the modern age equality is becoming ever closer and there are a lot of professional sports women engaged on international levels for sports originally seen as men only. There is a women's world cup, women's Ashes series for cricket, in fact most sports have a league just for the ladies.

But why has this not happened in the sports games that we enjoy? Are game developers behind in their view of the world, or do games just not appeal to girls in the same way. And as such the creators don't make sports games for girls, simply because they do not play them? It could just be that the market is not there for girls.

But we don’t feel that is the case, there are lots of ladies all over the world that enjoy sports, both spectating and playing. Similarly there are lots of girls who game, women who play just as much as men and enjoy the rough and tumble of competitive games. Be they management of a football team or the action of a real time basketball game.

So why is it that there are not more games for girls? In some ways there are a lot of stereotypes to get over, especially in some of the more manly sports such as football and motor racing. The roles created for women in these games can be seen in a pretty bad light, though there are games where positive female role models exist, there are also plenty of games where women are just models to be looked at.

This imbalance is one that can not easily be defined but if you play enough games and see enough of the different options available the pattern does emerge. Women are not presented in the same way, unless it is a specific field of sports, such as athletics or golf, which are also more commonly accepted in the real world.

Maybe it is just a case of the games mirroring the real world, and as women become more respected for their skill on the football field or racetrack this will transfer into the games we play. By no means are we saying that women are not able to play, or should not play in sports or games. We just hope that when a new player comes to a game, they can see that a woman is not just an object, but a valued participant and able to compete just as well as any man out there.

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