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5 Great Football Manager Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen If you are looking for a new Football game then check out this list of 5 games that you might wanna try today. Sportspiele Live - 5 Great Football Manager Games

Football Manager Games are the kinds of games that pretty much everyone can enjoy. The key thing that makes these games so great is the fact that they put a lot of control into the players’ hands and basically let them do whatever they want to which very few games do nowadays.

One of the main things that should exist in every game of this genre is variety. Players should have a ton of available tasks to perform at all times such as training their team members, upgrading their stadium with newer facilities, getting new sponsors, setting up friendly practice matches with other teams, buying/selling players in the transfer window and a whole lot of other stuff. Basically the defining factor of this genre is the fact that the amount of things you can do seems pretty much endless.

One of the most important that most great Football Manager Games have is a full-fledged transfer window. A proper transfer window allows manager to get hold of great players that would be solid additions to their line-up and at the same time managers should be able to sell their old players that don’t seem to be performing anymore and would be a better fit somewhere else.

Campo Kickers
Campo Kickers is a pretty unique game and has a rather distinct theme that’s never before seen in a manager game. Alongside all the great manager game aspects, it has some great new things like the fireladder which is a highly competitive league where the very best can display their skills. It’s also worth pointing out that this game also has an art style that is quite different from other manager games and looks fantastic.

Soccer Manager 2015
This is basically one of those games that instead of bringing new things into the mix, focuses on executing the traditional concepts properly and it does a swell job at it. You’ll find that Soccer Manager 2015 has everything you’d want out of a good manager game such as an active community, intense matches against live players with commentary, the ability to control all aspects of your team and such.

United Eleven
United Eleven is a fantastic game and secured a spot on this list because of the fact that players are able to acquire some of the biggest names in Football and have them play on their team which makes things pretty enjoyable as these all-star players are capable of getting a lot of wins. Another great thing about United Eleven is the fact that the live commentary during matches is highly in-depth and lets you know exactly what’s going on in the game allowing you to adjust your strategies more accurately.

FC Manager
FC Manager is a brilliant game because not only does it execute all the aspects of the genre properly but it also allows players to view the on-going matches in real time because of the amazing spectate feature that very few manager games have to offer. The high quality spectate feature also comes with some really competitive leagues that you can enter your team into for chance at increasing your reputation and winning prestigious trophies.

Kamicat Football
In most manager games, when an actual match starts the only thing you can really do is either adjust strategies or watch from afar in hopes that your team performs but in Kamicat Football, you’ll be able to actually control some of your players during a match which is very unique in manager games but is definitely a great feature.

All the Football Manager games we’ve mentioned above are pretty amazing and were able to give us long durations of great fun. We recommend that you try these games out for yourself to see how enjoyable they can be.

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