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5 Things We Want/Hate in Manager Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Managers games is a relatively popular genre of games that plays a bit differently to how most other games play out. Sportspiele Live - 5 Things We Want/Hate in Manager Games

These games are mostly emphasized on sports and instead of being the player of that sport, you’ll instead be playing the role of manager and will be performing the more crucial tasks and taking care of things outside the field. These games offer a lot of gameplay value and are great since they allow players to view that specific sport from another perspective which is a really good experience and in this article we’ll be covering the things we’d like to see in upcoming manager games while also talking about the things that are holding them back from their full potential.

The thing makes manage games so great is that fact that aside from what happens on the field itself, you have absolute control of your team and every member in it so you’ll be up to date and in charge of everything that’s going on within your team and between the players. There’s a lot to do in these games and it takes a player with some really good strategic thinking to bring their team to the top.

The following are the 5 things we want/hate in these games:

1. Timers (Hate)
One crucial flaw of manager games is that once you’ve assigned a task to someone, a timer begins to go off which specifies how long it will take to complete and these timers are quite often much longer than they should be which slows down the pace of the game significantly and that shouldn’t be happening.

2. A more in-depth stat system (Want)
Although manager games allow you to train your players in various ways to boost their stats so they perform better in the field, they can improve the game a lot more by adding
some more player stats to manage and work on which will give the game a lot more depth.

3. Steep learning curve often becomes overwhelming to new players (Hate)
There’s no doubting the fact that manager games are quite complicated and take quite a bit of time to get the hang of and while this isn’t really an issue, the problem is that these games rarely take the time out to fully teach new players about the game so they’re often left to figure things out by themselves which can be a major turnoff to some players.

4. Easier access to star players (Want)
Your success in a manager game is directly proportional to the amount of games your team is able to win and winning games obviously requires talent and high quality players but the problem here is that most of the high caliber players aren’t made available until you’ve made a whole lot of progress in the game.

5. The ability to interact a bit with players during games (Want)
It’s a well known thing that despite having complete control of your players outside matches, you’ll have little influence on them during a game so one really good feature would be allowing managers to interact with players in various ways while they’re playing to have a positive effect on them.

Some of the aforementioned things about manager games are those that we hate while some are things that we’d definitely like to see implemented in future releases. However, it should be noted that even in their current state, manager games are really fun and addictive so it’s worth giving them a try.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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