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Tips to Become a Great Football Manager in United Eleven

Diesen Artickel einschätzen With the explosion of Virtual Game Manager titles online and in various mobile apps, we have scoured lots of interesting titles out there in the open. And with frantic world of football, we give you United Eleven. Elevate your game as we share to you great tips, to become a great football manager! Sportspiele Live - Tips to Become a Great Football Manager in United Eleven

To get us started, we'll prime you with some of the great features of the game United Eleven. When you first log in to the game you can create your team name and color/s, based on a huge list of worldwide teams. You can then also pick 3 players from that team to form the core of yours. Known as Foundation Players, they will be in your starting 11 players. From there you'll earn a random selection of players to fill out your team along with the substitutes.

Each player is represented by a card, and you can trade, buy and sell them. Each player also has a rank, between 1 and 10, with 10 being the highest (performance wise). Each time you play they will earn experience towards their maximum rank. You can also train players, by using 3 other player cards. The players you use to train will be lost, but will improve the player you want to train.

Another great thing about the game is that during any given match, you may choose to watch and adjust the tactics live, or go ahead using your pre-determined tactics to auto play the game for you. Here, you may also set when to substitute players within the game. There are 6 leagues for you to play through to get to the top of United Eleven, and you begin in the Rookie League, and can work your way up to the 1st Division.

So there you are, the basic gist of the entire game. Now let's get to business handling the game for real. First tip is for you to take your time. Manager Games as such have intricate mechanics involved in them that having to play out a game/tactic for a while distinguishes the effects of your different simulations. If you rush through, you’ll miss out on the chance to refine your tactics, or study the opposition - which are vital to key-in victory for your team.

Bank in some notes. When faced with a tough competition, take a note of their tactics at play, as well as key players situated therein. This way, you get to copy a tactic for future matches, or tag interesting players to steal later on in the game. There is only advantage in keeping down important notes, scout searches, and learning tactical options from worthy adversaries.

Another tip especially for new players is to never lose hope. Don’t give up if you lose a few games. Manager games are hard to play with and are designed to be played over a long periods of time to get you even leveled with the norms of the game. Don’t use the same tactics all the time as AI managers always find a way to neutralize consecutive use of similar tactics in the game. As with real life football, keep the opposition guessing for your next move with regular tweaks in your tactics.

Lastly, to walk away when it is needed. Simulator games are designed to torture your brain - coping up with the wide assortment of sensible strategy to get you winning the games. If the chances of winning is slim, or close to none, walk away from it and have it done another day. Nothing good will come up from it other than a great deal of frustration on your end.

With these, get a great start on the game and try your best to earn that season! Have a great time playing the game and good luck!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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