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Troubleshooting Guide: Resolving Installation and Launch Issues in FIFA 23

Diesen Artickel einschätzen If you're having trouble launching FIFA 23, you might be encountering a slew of issues preventing you from playing it. If you're stuck, here's a guide to help you out: Sportspiele Live - Troubleshooting Guide: Resolving Installation and Launch Issues in FIFA 23

What is the most famous sports simulator in the world? Almost everyone will answer one thing: FIFA.

The game is popular due to its realism and incredible immersion in football. To succeed in the fight for high ratings, players buy FIFA coins, recruit the best players for their team and enjoy matches with other football fans. Sounds fantastic!

Here's how to resolve installation and launch issues in FIFA

FIFA is going through a rebranding phase, and when completed, even more players will want to join football competitions. In today's article, we will tell you about the currently known errors and difficulties and how to fix them if you want to install FIFA 23.

Installation problems

Let's look at the main difficulties that arise during the initial installation of FIFA 23. You may know about some but do not know how to solve them. So, what to do if you can't install FIFA 23:

1. Lack of free hard disk space. Yes, modern applications sometimes require a lot of gigabytes on the computer. Therefore, before installing, you need to check the condition of your hard drive with the system requirements of the game.

2. Blocking installation by antivirus. Antivirus blocks various programs and games during their installation - the standard behavior of the system, which tries to warn you and your PC from external threats and malicious viruses. Sometimes the antivirus security framework is too tight, and to get around it, you have to turn off the antivirus for a while. If the firewall or anti-virus program installed on your PC blocks the installation, and FIFA 23 does not work, temporarily disable protection and enable it after the installation is completed. Maybe the antivirus on your computer is not so good, so you can check the best antivirus of 2023 and install some of them.

3. There is no objective reason for the installation error. Sometimes the computer behaves strangely, and after checking the first two points, the desired game is not installed. In this case, rebooting the system, clearing the cache and registry, as well as deleting unnecessary files, and disabling unnecessary processes can help. This cleanup and reboot will allow the computer to restart processes correctly, and get rid of parasitic programs, and FIFA23 can be installed.

FIFA 23 is installed but cannot be launched

If the game is installed on your computer or laptop, then the difficulties may continue or just begin. Now let's talk about the errors and problems that arise at the time of launching the game.

1. If errors occur during installation, then there is no guarantee of uninterrupted operation. The game can run, for example, through time. If this occurs, you should proceed to the next step.

2. Reinstall. If the game crashes or does not start at all, you should try to reinstall it by repeating the initial installation, following the recommendations from the first part of our article. To reinstall the game, you must first uninstall it - remove it from your computer using the standard uninstall tool. You can try to install the game over a previous installation, and the system may prompt you to update the previous version, after which the errors may be fixed, but there are no guarantees. It is better to install the application again after uninstalling.

3. Sometimes, to play your favorite game, you need to run it as an administrator. To do this, right-click on the shortcut and select "Run as administrator."

4. Missing .NET Framework (a library that ensures the performance of applications and games on the computer). This program is installed by default in every version of the Windows system. Try to install the version that the game requires.

5. DirectX. This is the driver that allows the game to interact with the computer. There are many different versions of this driver, so it's important to keep track of the latest build. If the version does not match, it must be updated using the Internet.

6. If you use a console instead of a computer, for example, Playstation or Xbox, and you also have difficulties with the game, then your gamepad may simply not work. Then it's not about FIFA 23, but about the joystick. First of all, check its charging, if it is working, then perhaps the battery just sat down.

7. Error text. Often, when starting the game, the system shows a dialog box with an error code, for example: "Error starting the application (0xc000007b)". In this case, it is worth looking for the answer to this question on Google, typing the error code in the search bar, then comparing several Internet resources, and choosing the most popular instructions for fixing the error. In 90% of cases, the problem can be solved independently with the help of useful articles on the network. This suggests that errors occur in most cases due to the computer.

What should I do if nothing helped?

This outcome is also possible. And then the causes of problems can be:

- Insufficiently powerful PC or laptop
- Defective disk or distribution
- Pirated version of the game
- PC malfunction
- Joystick not working in FIFA 23 and other games (mechanical failure).

In some cases, you can seek help from the official forum or the computer repair service. A more detailed intervention is needed here. We strongly recommend that you do not install “pirated” versions of games on your devices. Be vigilant and careful.


Encountering difficulties while installing or launching FIFA 23 can be frustrating, but there are solutions available to help you overcome these issues. In this article, we have addressed common problems and provided step-by-step instructions on how to fix them.

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