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What Makes Go Fishing so Enjoyable?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Even if angling is not your thing, and feel like a fish out of water when diving into the new game craze in Facebook, you’d be in for a surprise what Go Fishing has in store for you. Find out why this simple fishing / angling sports simulation game draws in a lot of enthusiasts. Sportspiele Live - What Makes Go Fishing so Enjoyable?

To summarize everything what Go Fishing is all about – it simulates all the fun aspects of angling sports. The pertaining fishing methods, equipments like rods, lines and gears, lures, boats, the tips and tricks of the trade, and even the element of competition of the actual sports heavily influence the mechanics of the game.

Go Fishing simply is a great new addition to casual games in general, in the sense that it is easy to pick-up, easy to let go, and pick up on the state you left in the game. Basic navigation in the game is also very intuitive as well as the controls over the fishing activity itself. Something that does not gimp you to play and enjoy the game even with minimal experience in PC gaming. Compounded by the fact that it is readily available via Facebook, it sure grants ease of access to anyone interested with the pertaining sport.

Even if angling sports does not entice you, management options in the game presents similar sets of challenge when compared to other simulation games. The game also pertains to imitate all the gratifying aspects of the sport - you may enlist on various tourney locations, customize and upgrade your fishing gears, down to the simplest detail like choosing specific baits for specific fishes. You’d be in for a surprise what the game has in store for you.

Another strong element that the game has is that it is ported over the social network. This brings in the possibility to compete with other actual players playing the game when playing through the given tourneys and competitions therein. This lends a unique challenge to all the players, to outperform each other while aiming to set records in the game’s leaderboard.

As for its core element (as a fishing game), the activities held within it are divided into several interesting parts. Among this is preparing your lures or baits, the rod and line, and several more key components to set your capacity on the fishing stage itself. Additionally, the different locations provide you with the different variety of fishes to gain while playing. You may choose from a wide collection of fishing spots, which you may unlock as you progress in the game.

The main fishing activity includes throwing the line, and waiting for something to get lured in. At the point that a fish takes the bait, you’ll commence in a simple tag-o-war type of reflex input mini-game. The fun begins when you get to tap the game’s actual challenge and start experimenting with the different lines, equipments, and the baits’ specific combinations to fetch you some rare catch, or those that are record breaking in size.

Basically, the goal in the game is to catch a fish, set a record, earn money, upgrade your set of equipments, and then catch a bigger fish again. The simple competitive aspect of the game is very much the exact addictive trait to it. Players scour for better equipment, try to earn money as a part of it to fetch the right tools, enlist on tourneys to compete, and set their records high to compare with other participants.

Go Fishing lures a lot of eager casual gamers with some interesting bunch of activities to spend your time playing. Thrown in with nifty visuals and a massive content – it definitely handles a unique charm of its own.

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